Thursday, March 1, 2012

Scribble drawing- with paint!

If you're bored and need to have some fun try this:
Take a sheet of good watercolor paper- 140 lb. Canson makes a good student quality or use arches.
Then use your primary colors in pans or squeeze out 3 primary colors plus one neutral or black to wash over the final shape.
Now take one color at at time and doodle a design (without really thinking about where the lines go).
I like using a size 12 round watercolor or acrylic paint brush. Whatever you have will work. 
If the paint looks like it's puddling- let each color dry between applications. The idea is to get separate contour shapes to play with. 
Once your paper is dry rotate it until you "see" a picture, animal, object. This is the hardest part... But the best! Once you see it- start in with your sharpie - permanent markers work best because they won't run in the next step. Close in your picture like a coloring book- capturing simple shapes and/ or images. Now using a neutral/ watery black, fill in the shapes and add details. You can go back in with the sharpie when it's dry to add final touches! What did you make? My adult artists from the summer made some pretty awesome pictures... I'll post later :)


Anonymous said...

Of course you say a steaming coffee cup! Super Fun! Love mar

Anonymous said...

Oops - I meant "saw" a steaming coffee cup.