Monday, January 28, 2008

Ok, here it is!

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my fused plastic bag creation!

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Fused Plastic Bags!

Seems slightly toxic... breathing in hot melting plastic bag fumes... but crack a window and let's go for it! (I'll post any research I find that states any harm in this process) But, for now it's a great way to compact those pesky bags and make something fun and Eco-friendly. Who knows :)
Okay, after reading the Etsy lab I just had to try it (check back later for a photo) for myself. How fun! I am going to have to work on a way to add paint. I'll solve this, just give me some time.
Okay- Check out the Lab and stay tuned for the photo of my B.A.G. !! Love it!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Make this!

Paper-cut rat anyone?
Step one: Find some red paper to recycle into a functional art form. Really.
Step two: Draw a rat outline and cut out (think silhouette here).
Step three: Subtract (using an craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors) eyes, ears, and other fun details to make it complete... I like paint!
Step four: Place your lucky rat in your window or on a door banner for good luck in 2008 :)...2008 is great! Have fun!
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Toddler Art

Most of the artwork that appears here has been created by myself or my more famous resident artist, Calla Jean.
Here is an early watercolor done on a nice cold press paper-

Sunday, January 20, 2008

chinese new year project

I realized that whatever art medium I'm working with I always have to add some paint. I love it! Today while cutting out paper rats (in preparation for the Chinese New Year 2008) I realized that I would not be able to leave them alone. They had to have gold shimmers wiped in their creases before (and after)being glued to a tissue-paper banner. Who knew? So fun! ... however it's not the traditional way to "finish" this sort of paper-cut art. Oh well!