Friday, February 13, 2015

Mandala Journal Page


Materials i used :-)

Mixed media art journal (last page of it!)
Water soluble Gelatos 
Water brush
& a white artist oil pastel 

1) Start at the center and doodle outward keeping the design connected. Aiming some some sort of radial semetry and playful lines...
2) Write in a word...maybe one you thought of while drawing the design. Something that you'd like to focus on while creating. 
3) Ink up your stamps and put in the date and month of you'd like ;-)
 4) Roll up a gelato or get your watercolor crayons and color it up! This is pure relaxation! 
5) Paint in some of the areas to smooth out the visual texture of the crayon marks.
6) When it's dry you can add more layers of gelato and oil pastel to add some fun! 
Loved making this...