Monday, March 5, 2012

liQuiD WAtERcolorS with visual texture

Watercolor play...

Arches cotton 140lb. paper
various watercolors... I used student grade Grumbacher tubes
alcohol and an eye dropper
winsor and Newton liquid watercolor... I used lime green
Plastic wrap

First tape off a section of your paper you want to paint-
Then wet the paper with a clean brush...only wet the areas you want to color to move across...

Now drop in areas of, yellow, blue... keep adding until you like what you see.
Add salt to some areas. Dab off extra water with a sponge or paper towel. 

Use your dropper to drop in some alcohol spots...
add ink to the alcohol for even more fun effects...
Layer on some crumpled up plastic wrap and let dry! 

Lift off the plastic and tape to reveal the painting! 

Use it as a background, cut it up for ATC's or frame it as is :)

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