Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watercolor plus Tissue Paper

Watercolors are known for their beautiful translucent layers of colors. Here's a project that's easy to do and shows off the nature of the medium.

140 lb. cold pressed cotton watercolor paper cut in ATC size... 2.5" by 3.5"
several colors of bleeding tissue paper that mix well (red and blues, or yellow and reds) cut in to small shapes
watercolors- I used an inky bright sakura tube of blue and yellow
shimmer medium- Grumbacher makes a really sparkley one
cut out/paper punch shapes from old mail for a stencil effect
painters tape
rubbing alcohol
and a watercolor sponge or paper towels 

Tape down a ATC card blank cut from the watercolor paper
Mix up the paint with a dab of the shimmer medium or just blend it once it's on the paper
Add little bits of dry tissue to the wet background of the ATC.
Smooth them on with your paintbrush 
Add layers of paper cut outs, tissue, and paint/shimmer mixture
Continue to dab off extra water or add more color and paint (to keep the colors fresh use a limited palette on each surface)
Add drops of rubbing alcohol for fun visual texture
Add a sprinkle of salt for a nice texture too
Dry for as long as you can stand waiting!  Over night is best or you can dry it with a dryer...but the longer it sits the better the dyes and colors will merge. 
Peel off the tape and layers to reveal the surprise! 

Have fun!

You'll need a place to work too... I usually use an old watercolor pad.

Bleeding tissue paper is fun to use, but it is like sheets of paint mix primary colors together and stay away from mixing complimentary colors unless you WANT brown/neutrals  ;)

Add cutouts for fun!

Adding salt makes more visual texture that's fun!

Play with different colors on a series of cards... you never know what it might inspire :)

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