Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seek and Find Art

Today I finally finished one of my new paintings in a series that I'm calling "Seek and Find".
It's so fun to do because you can work with what you have and make something from nothing. In the sense of when you need an idea, some inspiration, or help... and, POOF there it is once you stop searching for it.

Canvas, book pages from a reference book, gesso, pencil, charcoal pencil, acrylic paints, crackle medium, thick clear glaze.

Place the book page so the most important word will be the focal point, and adhere it down with PVA bookbinding glue.

Now, circle your focal point word. Then search the page for additional words that support, describe, or relate to the circled word. This is the fun part!

Once your page is scattered with circled words you can start sketching out the rest of your composition.

You may already have a story prompt in the words that you've found... or you can illustrate it anyway you want. The circled words are just a fun little element of the whole.

My circles turned into flower centers... what will you make?

Have fun,

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